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Expatriate Integration

Untitled-1Expatriates newly deployed to live and work in Nigeria would typically require certain key knowledge of the environment, in order to make informed decisions. In view of this, StreSERT Services provides an up to date guide under our Company Briefing Programme.

The programme is an in-depth information on the social economic and political climate, as well as culture, language, communication and religion designed to help expatriates and the new entrants into the country.

Driven by the fact that expatriates/clients are new and not comprehensively informed about the operating environment, we deploy a ‘hand-holding’ approach to serving our clients towards ameliorating the challenges such initiatives will typically present. To this end we will assist in sourcing suitable facilities for home or office use, going the full hog of ensuring complete and quality setup of such facility. What this means is that we know where to obtain as well as posses a rich database of providers of the various services required to attain complete and comfortable settlement.