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Project Finance

Untitled-1The objectives of project finance advisory include the delivery of functional large-scale projects at an agreed time, at an acceptable quality, within scope and cost.


StreSERT assists project promoters in the financing of large-scale infrastructure, industrial and public services projects. We facilitate the setting up of a project company for the sole purpose of delivering an individual development and attracting debt and equity. The financiers have limited recourse back to the corporate sponsors of the project. The debt is simply repaid from the cash flows generated by the project itself and from nowhere else. The project’s assets, rights, and interests are held as secondary security or collateral.

We assemble a consortium of investors, lenders and other participants to undertake projects that would be too large for individual investors to underwrite. Our packages are attractive to the private sector because> they can fund major projects off balance sheet, the assets and cash flows associated with each project are accounted for separately.