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StreSERT has several subsidiary companies that provide a wide range of services to support our business activities. To learn more about each of these companies please use the links above.
stre serv 2STRESERT Services Limited is a professional and dynamic business support Services Company established to offer quality recruitment and outsourcing services to corporate organizations. We critically evaluate issues as they impact the business, deploying the appropriate and relevant skills, competencies and strategies to proffer solutions.

At present, the firm has built up skills and competencies in the following service lines: Executive Search, Permanent Placement, Managed Staffing and Training, Expatriate Administration and Immigration Services.

stre integratedStreSERT Integrated Limited is a professional services firm that offers quality stress free integrated business solutions to corporate organizations. Our business solutions include the following services: Project Identification, Conceptualization and Incubation, Project Development, Finance facilitation, Project Structuring, Project Management, Business Strategy Formulation, Business Turn-around and Repositioning, Marketing & Sales Improvement, Systems Improvement and Corporate Restructuring.

We collaborate with experienced technocrats and professionals to deliver projects and assignments, using our experience to conduct research, offer industry-specific insights, craft and implement strategies and plans that would help companies deal with current and potential challenges.

B2C NewBridge2Care International is a global medical tourism organization that provides logistical support and procurement services for global health care access. We assist our clients in exploring global healthcare options, by linking them with reputable international hospitals and healthcare providers, thereby enabling them to access the best quality care that fits their needs and budget. The administrative and operational base of B2C is located in Lagos, Nigeria and Washington D.C, USA.

Bridge2Care International provides services to facilitate medical treatment overseas. These services include:

-Referring the clients medical condition documents to the respective specialist healthcare provider.

-Providing the client with a report/ treatment plan from the healthcare provider in a timely fashion.
-Providing the client with the cost estimate for the recommended treatment.
-Arranging consultations between the client and the healthcare provider, if and when required.
-Providing, upon request from the client, a schedule of treatment plan and travel needs of the client.
-Making necessary arrangements as per the approved travel schedule.
-Assisting the client in making arrangements associated with travel advice on things to carry, funds to bring, contact protocol, etc.
-Providing local assistance at the point of treatment as per clients requirements cell phone, grocery shopping, contact with family members back home, etc.