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Training & Development

Untitled-1We deliver unique and well researched training programmes for both the public and private sectors, offering organisations distinctive services to fulfill all their training objectives.

Programmes developed are in relation to job requirements, and focused on initiatives meant to develop employees for their current jobs and future roles and responsibilities.

Our training services cover the following:
” Management and leadership skills
” Supervisory skills
” Performance management
” Negotiation skills
” Personal Effectiveness
” Professional office management
” Presentation skills
” Marketing and sales skills
” Team building
” Communication skills
” Customer service
” Several other training subjects

In-company and customized learning solutions

We can deliver our open programmes to single company audiences (i.e. in-company) when an organization is seeking to create impact and improvement through lifting the performance of groups or teams within the organization. These can be lightly tailored or heavily customized depending on the precise nature of the client’s need(s)


Customized learning solutions
Our customized learning solutions are designed with you to match precisely your needs. Working with you from the earliest possible consideration of both the need and the solution design, we ensure your objectives are met in full and that the outcome has a sustained impact on the workplace.