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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to know who you are hiring. Do they really have the qualification stated on their resume? What do past employers think about your prospective employee? Does the prospective employee have any criminal record? Have they really had all of the real-world experience they claim to have on their resume? A thorough background check and verification of these claims goes a long way to ensuring that the results of a hiring process are optimized for talent level, organisational fit and hire cost.

Our service seeks to answer all these questions highlighted above as well as a check (in recent times) of candidates' online and social media history.


Our background checks detail the following areas of purview:

Public/Criminal Record Check

Police Records: A search is carried out at the central criminal registry to check for any criminal records of the candidate.

Personal History and References

Verification of information provided by the individual:

Employment History

Past employers are contacted to obtain answers to questions pertaining to the prospective employee in all aspects.

Residence/Address Verification

The address provided by an applicant is verified by making physical visit to the location. Family and neighbours are engaged to confirm if the prospective employee actually lives in the given address, and to ascertain his character and relationship within the neighbourhood.

Academic & Professional History

Verification of academic and professional qualifications claimed by a prospective employee by contacting the respective educational and professional institutions

Personal References

The references listed on the CV or given during the interview are checked for authenticity and that they match the criteria requested by the organization.

Guarantor Verification Checks

Guarantor verification checks are carried out on any guarantor provided by the prospective employee. The guarantors unlike the referees take up responsibility for any liability created by the employee in the cause of career in a given organization. A guarantor form is completed and verified to ascertain the information provided.

Online Search & Social Media Networking

Aquick Google search can often yield interesting results about a prospective employee. Information about conferences that an employee attended or organizations in which an employee was involved sometimes pop up in a Google search. Social Media Networking sites like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook etc. allow people to post personal details, and the employer can review a social media networking site to understand the social life of a potential employee.