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Outsourcing has become an indispensable business tool that not only reduces cost but drive values into enterprises. The intrinsic value for outsourcing your non-core positions is that it removes the burden of having your organisation manage such functions, so HR executives and departments can focus their attention on business processes and strategic initiatives.

Why choose StreSERT?

With StreSERT Services, we are not just a provider but a partner who will help your organisation achieve high performance. Our services help you focus on your distinctive capabilities and at same time gain access to best skills/competencies and capabilities to lower your operating costs and improve your bottom line.

Members that make up the management team have been engaged in the provision of this service for over 20 years and are therefore competent as well as familiar with the intricacies of providing this service. This we have done across the country, ensuring effective and efficient coordination of the numerous personnel deployed across board.

We ensure full compliance with statutes; deductions and dividends due to deployed staff are promptly remitted to the appropriate regulatory agencies as well as staff accounts as may be required.

We maintain active database of applicants, ensuring that additions to staff list are promptly effected, and with the required skills and capabilities. This way we minimise or avoid disruption of work due to change in staff deployment schedule.

Several benefits are derived from outsourcing the non-core positions within your organisation.

The under-listed positions/job roles typically fall within the category of staff any organization would consider outsourcing:

  • Administration: Secretaries, Receptionists, Drivers/Dispatch, Admin Officers.
  • Client Services:Customer Service/Marketing Officers, HR Assistants, Account Assistants
  • Manufacturing: Factory Operatives and other support functions.


Our service approach to Outsourcing is based on these best practices:

We build broad business outcomes: Though cost savings is a significant driver of outsourcing, it is important to take a much broader view of the benefits to be gained.

We present ourselves as a Partner and not just a Provider: Besides good price, expertise, flexibility and other values we deliver, we strive to fully understand the client’s culture, ethos and aims. In achieving this, we stake our reputation, proven experience and trust, in addition to price and quality.

We see more than a Contract: For us, it is a business relationship. In selecting us, we believe the client is buying into a journey and a route; confident of reaching the destination because of the “cultural fit” between the company and ourselves.

Leverage Gain Sharing: We believe strongly that this business relationship is all about sharing both the risks and rewards.

Use active Governance: Effective outsourcing arrangement requires active involvement. Governing the outsourcing arrangement and managing the relationship are among the most important, yet sensitive issues we address for maximum performance.

Key Management Involvement: A member of our management team takes charge of supervising the outsourcing arrangement. Outsourcing is a full time business proposition requiring focused attention at the management level.The success of the relationship with client organisation depends on the care and nurturing of the arrangement over time.

Different skill set is required for managing an outsourcing relationship: A properly coordinated approach to human resources issues is particularly important.

Focus on Objective: We focus relentlessly on the primary objectives of cost reduction, improved processes and ultimately client’s focus on core business competencies.