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The engine that drives every organization is its people. Often times, getting the right people with the required skills can be a daunting task.

Acknowledgement of this need is the reason we have developed a stringent screening and selection process in sourcing for qualified professionals for executive, managerial and supervisory positions as well as organizations' support and temporary staff needs.

With a robust database and our priceless know-how, we are positioned to present to you based on your requirement, the most qualified candidates for your final selection. We guarantee you will get the same experience and professionalism we have become known for. We know that an organization is not just made up of its name, a building structure with chains of offices, file cabinets, computers, documents, etc. The people in the organization are really the ones that drive it, hence the reason why recruitment is one of the most crucial and sensitive responsibilities of any business entity.

The need to source for qualified personnel to fill job positions can be daunting and time consuming, and this we know also at StreSERT Services. This is why we have developed a stringent screening process in sourcing professionals for different positions covering levels from executive, managerial, junior or even temporary staff needs.


Our Experience

We deploy our extensive headhunting experience and job-matching expertise in locating top-notch professionals to fill required position(s) using job descriptions and specification provided by the requesting organization, as well as those put together internally by our team of Recruitment Consultants.

Every candidate we recommend to your organization would have undergone a thorough screening and interviewing process; guided by the defined scope of search, with the ultimate aim of ensuring that only the most suitably qualified candidates are presented for further consideration.

Understanding your Business

It is critical that we have a detailed understanding of the requirements of the position(s) you intend to fill as well as your organization's culture and orientation so that prospective hires can fit into your system. This is why our team of Recruitment Consultants will always ensure that.

Your requirements for the position sought will define the scope of our search, while ensuring that the most qualified and highly motivated candidates are presented. Our guarantee is that the experience and professionalism displayed by our consultants will be equally reflective in our candidates.

Our 4-prong Service Tag

Our recruitment approach, consisting of resourceful assessment and selection processes are efficient, thorough, professional, and aimed at ensuring that ONLY the most suitable candidates are selected every time. This approach is hinged on our four-prong service tag as follows:

Knowledge: Our specialized experience in the market gives us an in-depth understanding of key people, companies and industry trends, amplifying our consultancy.

Credibility: We have been developed in top-class consulting environment with competencies and a proven background in delivering successful recruitment solutions to clients and candidates alike.

Professionalism: We are dedicated to providing exceptional level of professionalism to clients and candidates alike.

Confidentiality: You can count on us to act with complete discretion on all engagements at all times. Being in a service provider position, we understand that keeping the confidence of our clients and candidates is imperative.